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Sports Medicine and Nutrition


Ready Wrestle

Ready Wrestle #1 - Wrestling with Nutrition

Ready Wrestle #2 - Prevention and Management of Nosebleeds

Ready Wrestle #3 - The Wrestlers Shoulder

Tips for Passing the Wrestling Hydration Assessment

National Wrestling Coaches Association Mat Study Results
CDC - Questions and Answers about Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in Schools
NFHS - MRSA in Sports Participation - Position Statement and Guidelines
NFHS - Sports Hygiene Guidelines to Minimize Infectious Diseases - Position Statement and Guidelines


Wrestlers Cauliflower Ear; Care & Prevention by Dr. Anthony Donatelli
Optimal Recovery for Wrestlers: After Weigh-In & During Tournaments
Taking It to the Mat: The Wrestler's Guide to Optimal Performance (pdf)
The Truth About Ringworm
Study Outlines Wrestling Injury Factors
Treating Injuries with Active Release Techniques by
Dr. Gary Olson
Wrestling with Kneecap (prepatellar) Bursitis edited by
Dr. Anthony Cappellino
The Importance of a Clean Wrestling Room
WRESTLING AND RUNNING; Change Your Shoes & Save Your Feet by Dr. Daniel Jeran
Maximizing Wrestling Performance Through Healthy Eating
Weight Loss in Wrestlers
Nutrition and Athletic Performance
NCAA Nutrition and Performance



NWCA Skin Infection Webinar

The NWCA, in collaboration with Fresh Health LLC, is pleased to provide a FREE 23 minute skin infection webinarthat focuses on the identification, treatment, and prevention of skin infection in all sports. The webinar is perfect for coaches, athletes, and parents.     View Webinar ...



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