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John Gaglione's Power Series Wrestling Training # 9


Wrestler-Power Series #9 Barbell Training Front Squat

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The squat is one the best exercises for wrestling strength. It creates strong and powerful legs which aids in all of your takedowns finishes, lifts, and throws in both folk style and free style competition. If you want to have a powerful double leg or hi crotch lift you need to add squats in your strength training routine!

The problem is when you immediately put the bar on your back before you develop proper technique you can put a lot of stress on your spine. When you load the bar on your back the bar is going to throw the athlete forward and athletes with poor technique and or a weak core will fold over as they are driving out of the bottom of a squat.

This is why when first introducing the barbell to athletes I recommend front loaded variations. The front squat is the perfect exercise to ingrain proper spine position when squatting while building strength in the legs at the same time. The great thing about the front squat is that it is self correcting. If you fall forward in a front squat you will simply dump the weight out in front. This eliminates many of the technique problems with a more traditional back loaded squat. So if you are thinking about using the barbell for squats start with the front squat first and master that before moving on to traditional squats.


If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at gaglionestrength@gmail.com
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 Coach John Gaglione is a Sport Performance Specialist out of Long Island New York. He is a certified "Underground" Strength coach who specializes in training combat athletes. Johnís work has been featured in Elite Fitness Systems, Testosterone Nation
, One Result & local wrestling site Long Island Wrestling Association.
If you would like to learn more about John you can reach him at www.gaglionestrength.com or e-mail him at gaglionestrength@gmail.com.