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John Gaglione's Power Series Wrestling Training # 10


Wrestler-Power Series #10 Barbell Training Romanian Deadlift

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As stated in the last post starting strength and starting power is incredibly important for any whistle start situation. The deadlift is one of the best exercises to develop starting strength and starting power while building up the glutes, hamstrings, low back and even the grip! The problem is the deadlift is one of the most butchered lifts in the weight room. You shouldn’t’ look like a scared cat when you deadlift! In order to properly learn how to lockout your deadlift as well as set up for the deadlift you need to learn the hip hinge first.

The Romanian deadlift is a partial range of motion deadlift which really emphases a proper deadlift lockout and teaches you how to hip hinge correctly. Just like in the floor press the Romanian deadlift allows the athlete to master a partial range of motion before they move on to the more technical full range of motion barbell lift. Many athletes may not even possess the necessary hip mobility to deadlift from the floor initially with a neutral spine. The Romanian deadlift will teach the athlete to keep constant tension with their lats and “hinge” at their hips and not bend over with their low back. I prefer to use a double overhand grip with this lift as well so it really stresses the muscles of the fingers, hands, and forearms which is so important for wrestling.  Make sure to slide the bar down your thighs and get your hips through at the top and squeeze the glutes.  Master the hip hinge and your deadlifts will improve in no time at all!

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at gaglionestrength@gmail.com
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 Coach John Gaglione is a Sport Performance Specialist out of Long Island New York. He is a certified "Underground" Strength coach who specializes in training combat athletes. John’s work has been featured in Elite Fitness Systems, Testosterone Nation
, One Result & local wrestling site Long Island Wrestling Association.
If you would like to learn more about John you can reach him at www.gaglionestrength.com or e-mail him at gaglionestrength@gmail.com.