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John Gaglione's Wrestling Exercise of the Week # 4


C:\Users\John\Desktop\HHH West Strength\Teaching Pics\Side Plank Frame - 758.jpg

Side Plank

Movement Category: Core

Athletic Benefits:  Asymmetrically loading is a great way to develop core strength.  The side plank will load one side of the body and the athlete will need to resist lateral flexion(side bending of the spine). Side planks will work the muscles in the obliques which are crucial for all types of throws in wrestling.

C:\Users\John\Desktop\HHH West Strength\Teaching Pics\Side Plank Frame - 1258.jpg

Exercise Modification Short Lever Side Plank

If regular side planks are too difficult try the short lever version. It is important for all plank variation to keep a neutral spine and resist any movement at all times. This will teach full body tension and how to resist an opponentís movement.

I hope you enjoyed this wrestling exercise of the week! If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at gaglionestrength@gmail.com or check out my website www.gaglionestrength.com

To take your wrestling to the next level and ensure this coming wrestling season is your best one ever go to GaglioneStrength.com and e-mail Coach Gaglione for more information on wrestling training.

 Coach John Gaglione is a Sport Performance Specialist out of Long Island New York. He is a certified "Underground" Strength coach who specializes in training combat athletes. Johnís work has been featured in Elite Fitness Systems, Testosterone Nation , One Result & local wrestling site Long Island Wrestling Association. If you would like to learn more about John you can reach him at www.gaglionestrength.com or e-mail him at gaglionestrength@gmail.com.