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Dr. L Robert "Doc" Fallot Memorial Suffolk County Wrestling Championship
Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
February 19-20, 1999

Team Score
Hauppauge 160.0   Patchogue-Medford 29.0
Brentwood 118.5   Smithtown 29.0
Shoreham-Wading River 110.0   Deer Park 28.0
William Floyd 107.5   Harborfields 22.0
Longwood 96.0   Newfield 18.0
Mt. Sinai 82.0   Port Jefferson 17.0
Copiague 80.5   Walt Whitman 15.0
East Islip 72.5   Half Hollow Hills West 14.0
Northport 66.0   Kings Park 11.0
North Babylon 64.0   Central Islip 9.0
East Hampton 62.5   Bellport 8.0
Sachem 61.0   Ward Melville 8.0
Lindenhurst 57.5   Bayport-Blue Point 6.0
Huntington 52.0   Stony Brook 6.0
Sayville 47.5   West Babylon 6.0
John Glenn 45.0   Commack 5.0
Islip 42.0   Southampton 4.0
Riverhead 40.0   Eastport 2.0
Amityville 39.5   Westhampton Beach 1.0
Half Hollow Hills East 39.5   Babylon 0.0
Bay Shore 36.5   Hampton Bays 0.0
Centereach 35.5   Mattituck/Greenport 0.0
Connetquot 35.5   Mercy 0.0
Rocky Point 30.5   Miller Place 0.0
Comsewogue 30.0   Wyandanch 0.0
West Islip 30.0  

Brackets: Division 1 Brackets (pdf)

Articles: Articles

Championship Finals
  96 - Rob Vacarro (East Islip, Fr.) dec. Dan Song (Hauppauge, Fr.), 8-7 OT Crit.
103 - Dan Miracola (Shoreham-Wading River, Fr.) dec. Greg McCoy (North Babylon, So.), 3-1
112 - Starlin Jimenez (Brentwood, Jr.) dec. Jeremy Cuevas (East Hampton, Jr.), 8-3
119 - Mike Patrovich (Islip, So.) dec. Mike Ingenito (North Babylon, Sr.), 9-8
125 - Joey Ketcham (Longwood, Sr.) dec. Justin Iannello (Hauppauge, So.), 2-1
130 - Mike Messina (Hauppauge, Sr.) dec. John Cicio (William Floyd, Sr.), 9-4
135 - Ryan Mauer (William Floyd, So.) pinned Keith Gholson (Lindenhurst, Jr.), 1:56
140 - Mike Torriero (Rocky Point, Jr.) dec. Mike Cox (Sayville, Sr.), 10-5
145 - Jesse Jantzen (Shoreham-Wading River, Jr.) dec. Steve Mally (Harborfields, Sr.), 15-0
152 - Anthony Morbillo (Mt. Sinai, Sr.) pinned Tevon Fordyce (Copiague, Sr.), 4:41
160 - Joe Patrovich (Connetquot, Sr.) dec. Jerome Joe (Half Hollow Hills East, Jr.), 23-6
171 - Ricky Roche (Riverhead, Sr.) dec. John Parente (Hauppauge, Sr.), 7-2
189 - Dan Sable (Longwood, Jr.) pinned Matt Sykes (Sachem, Jr.), 2:45
215 - Joel Barone (William Floyd, Sr.) dec. Mike McLaughlin (Deer Park, Sr.), 2-1
275 - Glen Burns (Comsewogue, Sr.) pinned Ed Williams (John Glenn, Sr.), 2:32

Lonnie Kittle Most Outstanding Wrestler: Jesse Jantzen (Shoreham-Wading River, 145)
Champion of Champions: Mike Patrovich (Islip, 119)
Most Pins Least Time: Mike LeTang (Sachem, 125), 4 in 10:04

Consolation Finals 3rd/4th
  96 - John Gorman (Lindenhurst, Fr.) dec. John Cummings (Bay Shore, 8th), 4-2
103 - Sam Augello (John Glenn, So.) dec. Pat Flynn (Brentwood, Fr.), 3-2
112 - Steve Sebastopoli (Lindenhurst, Jr.) dec. Mike Synan (East Islip, So.), 10-7
119 - Kyle Bernholz (Mt. Sinai, Jr.) dec. Nick Garuccio (Northport, Sr.), 1-0
125 - Mike LeTang (Sachem, Sr.) pinned Abillo Sanchez (Copiague, Jr.), 3:50
130 - Adam Czachor (Longwood, Sr.) dec. Anthony Carbone (Northport, So.), 6-4
135 - Mike Clark (Mt. Sinai, Sr.) dec. Tony Pallazzo (West Islip, Sr.), 4-3
140 - Brian Mentz (Patchogue-Medford, Jr.) dec. Casey Beach (Brentwood, Jr.), 5-4
145 - Paul Zis (Sayville, Jr.) dec. Rickie Ress (Hauppauge, Jr.), 4-2
152 - Lane Chereskin (Smithtown, Sr.) dec. Jack Piana (Huntington, Jr.), 10-3
160 - Nick Cuomo (Centereach, Sr.) dec. Josh Keller (Shoreham-Wading River, Sr.), 4-2
171 - Woody Cromarty (Amityville, Jr.) pinned Tony Guzman (Brentwood, Sr.), 4:12
189 - Brian Turza (East Hampton, Sr.) dec. Mark Brunza (East Islip, Jr.), 5-4
215 - Brandon Ress (Hauppauge, Sr.) pinned Greg Nardone (Bay Shore, Jr.), 2:44
275 - Mike Merritt (Newfield, Sr.) dec. Ben Bonaventura (Hauppauge, Jr.), 2-0

Consolation Finals 5th/6th
  96 - Matt Scanga (Longwood, Fr.) dec. Jack Holmgren (Patchogue-Medford, Fr.), 2-0
103 - Brandon Zielazny (Riverhead, So.) dec. Bill Roeill (Copiague, So.), 4-2 OT
112 - Jack Ferrigno (Shoreham-Wading River, Jr.) pinned Manny Acevedo (Central Islip, So.), 0:55
119 - Steve Snair (Kings Park, Sr.) dec. Paul Zarcone (Huntington, So.), 12-5
125 - Mike Roth (Half Hollow Hills West, So.) dec. Brian Gatta (Northport, Jr.), 2-0
130 - Frank Rivera (North Babylon, Jr.) dec. Bralio Sime (Copiague, Sr.), 13-0
135 - Rick Osterberg (East Hampton, Jr.) dec. Joe Scholz (Smithtown, Sr.), 5-3
140 - Dan Ornstein (Shoreham-Wading River, Sr.) dec. Dan Elfawal (Copiague, Sr.), 7-2
145 - Adam DeOlivera (William Floyd, Jr.) dec. Job Fernandez (Brentwood, Jr.), 7-5 OT
152 - Sean Bryan (Shoreham-Wading River, Jr.) dec. Trevor Molloy (Walt Whitman, Sr.), 5-2
160 - Robert Song (Hauppauge, Sr.) def. Lou Giani III (Huntington, Jr.), by Dflt
171 - Dan Sweatman (Northport, Sr.) dec. Luis Escobar (Brentwood, Sr.), 3-0
189 - Marcus Delgado (Centereach, Sr.) dec. Aaron Garrett (Amityville, Sr.), 5-0
215 - Tom Baldwin (Brentwood, Sr.) dec. Shane Roer (Northport, Sr.), 3-1 OT
275 - Jesse Brush (Sachem, Sr.) dec. Dan Sorice (Mt. Sinai, Sr.), 3-1 OT

103 - Dan Miracola (Shoreham-Wading River) decision Brandon Zielazny (Riverhead), 1-0
         Greg McCoy (North Babylon) decision Pat Flynn (Brentwood), 7-5
112 - Jeremy Cuevas (East Hampton) decision Steve Sebastopoli (Lindenhurst), 4-3
         Starlin Jimenez (Brentwood) pinned Mike Synan (East Islip), 1:34
119 - Mike Ingenito (North Babylon) decision Kyle Bernholz (Mt. Sinai), 7-1
         Mike Patrovich (Islip) decision Nick Garuccio (Northport), 1-0
125 - Joey Ketcham (Longwood) major decision Brian Gatta (Northport), 10-0
         Justin Iannello (Hauppauge) decision Mike LeTang (Sachem), 4-2 OT
130 - Mike Messina (Hauppauge) decision Adam Czachor (Longwood), 7-5
         John Cicio (William Floyd) decision Anthony Carbone (Northport), 10-4
135 - Ryan Maurer (William Floyd) tech fall Tony Pallazzo (West Islip), 26-11
         Keith Gholson (Lindenhurst) decision Rick Osterberg (East Hampton), 6-5
140 - Mike Torriero (Rocky Point) tech fall Dan Elfawal (Copiague), 29-14
         Mike Cox (Sayville) major decision Dan Ornstein (Shoreham-Wading River), 12-1
145 - Jesse Jantzen (Shoreham-Wading River) major decision Paul Zis (Sayville), 15-0
         Steve Mally (Harborfields) decision Rickie Ress (Hauppauge), 6-4 OT
152 - Anthony Morbillo (Mt. Sinai) decision Jack Piana (Huntington), 12-8
         Tevon Fordyce (Copiague) decision Lane Chereskin (Smithtown), 3-2
160 - Joe Patrovich (Connetquot) major decision Robert Song (Hauppauge), 15-5
         Jerome Joe (Half Hollow Hills East) decision Lou Giani III (Huntington), 6-3
171 - Ricky Roche (Riverhead) pinned Tony Guzman (Brentwood), 1:08
         John Parente (Hauppauge) major decision Woody Cromarty (Amityville), 17-4
189 - Dan Sable (Longwood) tech fall Marcus Delgado (Centereach), 15-0
         Matt Sykes (Sachem) decision Brian Turza (East Hampton), 13-9
215 - Joel Barone (William Floyd) pinned Branson Ress (Hauppauge), 3:02
         Mike McLaughlin (Deer Park) major decision Greg Nardone (Bay Shore), 10-0
275 - Ed Williams (John Glenn) decision Ben Bonaventura (Hauppauge), 4-2
         Glen Burns (Comsewogue) decision Jesse Brush (Sachem), 3-2
  96 - Rob Vaccaro (East Islip) decision Matt Scanga (Longwood), 11-5
         Dan Song (Hauppauge) decision Jack Holmgren (Patchogue-Medford), 4-0

The following are returning qualifiers from '98 and last years weight

Mike Messina (125) - 2 time sectional champ finishing 1st in '98 at Syracuse hopes to repeat his championship performance
Jesse Jantzen (135) - 5 time sectional champ as an 11th grader finishing 3rd in '95 & '96, and 1st in '97 & '98 at Syracuse hopes to bring home his third title
Joe Patrovich (152) - Was upset 3-2 in last year's finals but nets his 2nd sectional title and will try and win it all in Syracuse after not placing in

At 119 Mike Patrovich defeats last years 112lb sectional champ Mike Ingenito who placed 6th at the states

Patrovich Family Pins Down 2 Titles

By Gregg Sarra. STAFF WRITER

The moment was beautiful. It was father and sons in a unique bond of friendship and love. Mike and Joe Patrovich Jr. hugged their father, Joe Sr., at matside after Joe Jr. won his second county title.

Joe Patrovich, a senior at Connetquot, pounded Jerome Joe of Hills East by technical fall in 2:57 of the 160-pound final late Saturday night at the Dr. Robert Fallot Suffolk County wrestling championships at the University at Stony Brook.

The win improved Joe to 31-0 and put him in select company with his younger brother Mike, a sophomore at Islip, who turned in an exciting 9-8 upset win over defending county champion Mike Ingenito of North Babylon for the 119-pound title. Mike Patrovich earned the ultimate respect from his peers when he was voted the tournament's Champion of Champions.

The two titles made it an unforgettable tournament for the Patrovich family. For the first time in tournament history, brothers from different schools won titles in the same year.

"Oh, this is so special," said Joe Sr., the coach at Islip, who won a county title for Farmingdale in 1973. "I really had to just step back and seize the moment. It was almost surreal. All I kept thinking about was how fortunate I am and how lucky I was to experience this. What a great night to be a father."

Joe Sr. has coached Mike for the past three years at Islip but has had to watch from the stands during Joe Jr.'s matches at Connetquot.

"We sold our house in Bohemia when Mike was headed into the eighth grade and we enrolled him in Islip to get him started over there because we'd bought a new house," Joe Sr. said. "Then both deals fell through. We had Joey start the 10th grade at Connetquot because he was happy there and things were going well. We didn't want to pull him out of school and away from his friends until we were in the new house."

The move never happened, and Joe Sr. has been paying tuition for Mike to go to school in Islip.

"I always wanted to wrestle and play football for my father," said Mike, who is 32-1. "I ride into school every day with my dad and we have a really close bond. I love being with him - it's great."

Joe Sr. said he was worried about Joe Jr. after Mike won his bout. "He [Joe Jr.] was so pumped and happy for his brother that I was worried that he didn't have enough time to regroup his emotions," he said.

Notes & Quotes: Hauppauge scored 160 points to capture the team title for the first time in school history. Two-time county winner Mike Messina (130) led four Eagles into the finals. Messina upended Floyd's John Cicio, 9-4 . . . Shoreham-Wading River's Jesse Jantzen, a two-time defending state champion, won his 172nd career match and 114th in a row with a technical fall over Harborfields Steve Mally in 2:19 at 145 pounds. Jantzen, a junior, won a Long Island-record fifth county title . . . The third time was a charm for Rocky Point's Mike Torriero, who outpointed Sayville's Mike Cox, 10-5, for the 140-pound crown . . . And how about Comsewogue's Glenn Burns, who shook off a 5-0 deficit and pinned Glenn's Ed Williams in 2:32 for the 275-pound title . . . Shoreham-Wading River freshman Dan Miracola won the 103-pound title after Dr. Frank Segreto tended to a severe cut over Miracola's eye that required six stitches. The little tough guy edged North Babylon's Greg McCoy, 3-1.