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Suffolk County Public High School Wrestling Tournament
Bellport HS, Bellport, NY
March 11, 1939

Team Score
Amityville 40.0   Westhampton Beach 3.0
East Hampton 23.0   Babylon 0.0
Bay Shore 14.0   Bellport 0.0
Patchogue 12.0   Huntington 0.0
Riverhead 6.0   Southampton 0.0

Brackets: Division 1 Brackets (pdf)

Championship Finals
  95 - Sam Leftenant (Amityville) pinned William Quigley (Amityville), 6:10
105 - Harold Goodale (Riverhead) dec. Jack Hantz (East Hampton), referee's decision
115 - Charles Dorn (Amityville) pinned Jim Leftenant (Amityville), 6:45
125 - John Mazzanoble (East Hampton) pinned Harold Conserva (Patchogue), 9:45
135 - Larry Mott (East Hampton) def. Mike Rutowski (Westhampton Beach), by dflt
145 - George Mills (Bay Shore, Sr.) pinned Steve Donato (Patchogue), 5:40
155 - Edward Schmitzler (Bay Shore, Sr.) dec. Frank Logan (Patchogue), referee's decision
165 - Wilbur Devine (Amityville) dec. Anthony Parente (Patchogue), referee's decision
185 - Ted Fox (Amityville) dec. Lenny Mott (East Hampton), referee's decision

  95 - Sam Leftenant (Amityville) pinned John Crescenti (Southampton), 1:45
         William Quigley (Amityville) decision Ed Buckolz (Riverhead), referee's decision
105 - Harold Goodale (Riverhead) decision Jerry Fernandez (Amityville), referee's decision
         Jack Hantz (East Hampton) decision George Rizzi (Patchogue), referee's decision
115 - Charles Dorn (Amityville) pinned Mike Gallo (Bellport), 4:45
         Jim Leftenant (Amityville) decision Charles Regan (East Hampton), referee's decision
125 - John Mazzanoble (East Hampton) decision Carl Sparke (Amityville), referee's decision
         Harold Conserva (Patchogue) decision Woody Moore (Southampton), referee's decision
135 - Larry Mott (East Hampton) decision Laddie Drew (Amityville), referee's decision
         Mike Rutowski (Westhampton Beach) decision Edgar Mills (Bay Shore), referee's decision
145 - George Mills (Bay Shore) decision Rosario Criscione (East Hampton), referee's decision
         Steve Donato (Patchogue) decision Ralph Fountain (Westhampton Beach), referee's decision
155 - Edward Schmitzler (Bay Shore) decision Victor Cote (East Hampton), referee's decision
         Frank Logan (Patchogue) decision Albert Seay (Riverhead), referee's decision
165 - Wilbur Devine (Amityville) decision Bill Kroman (Patchogue), referee's decision
         Anthony Parente (Patchogue) decision Halsey Dayton (East Hampton), referee's decision
185 - Ted Fox (Amityville) pinned Tom Collins (East Hampton), 2:55
         Lenny Mott (East Hampton) decision George Leslie (Bay Shore), referee's decision