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Nassau County - Section VIII Division 2 Public High School Wrestling Tournament
Cold Spring Harbor HS, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
February 9-10, 2024

Team Score
Clarke 280.5   Wheatley 85.0
Seaford 226.0   Oyster Bay 63.0
Locust Valley 208.5   Carle Place 53.0
Island Trees 203.0   Valley Stream South 43.0
Cold Spring Harbor 156.5   Lawrence 29.0
North Shore 121.0   Evergreen Charter 12.5

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Brackets: Division 2 Brackets (pdf)

Championship Finals
101 - Colton Schmiesing (Oyster Bay, 8th) maj dec. Joel Diaz (Seaford, 8th), 9-1
108 - Connor Murphy (Seaford, So.) dec. Dylan Mueller (Locust Valley, Jr.), 2-0
116 - Richard King (Clarke, So.) pinned Devin Pellizzi (Cold Spring Harbor, Fr.), 3:12
124 - Finnegan Obrien (Locust Valley, 8th) pinned Anthony Sampogna (Wheatley, Jr.), 0:40
131 - William Grassini (Clarke, Fr.) dec. Matteo Porres (North Shore, Jr.), 6-2
138 - Joseph Filocamo (Island Trees, Jr.) maj dec. Sebastian Barco (Clarke, Jr.), 13-3
145 - Raymond McNulty (Cold Spring Harbor, Jr.) dec. Sebastian Mejia (Clarke, So.), 6-0
152 - Justin Gonzalez (Clarke, Jr.) pinned Louis Cannata (Seaford, Sr.), 1:05
160 - Robert Burns (Locust Valley, Jr.) dec. Aidan Smith (Cold Spring Harbor, Jr.), 7-5
170 - Ethan Eoanidis (Cold Spring Harbor, Sr.) pinned Bryan Araujo (Clarke, Fr.), 1:09
190 - Greyson Meak (Cold Spring Harbor, Jr.) TF Marcus Rosario (Clarke, So.), 2:16 {16-1}
215 - Charles Kelly (Locust Valley, Sr.) maj dec. Issac Bratter (North Shore, Sr.), 9-1
285 - Daniel Haroon (Wheatley, Jr.) dec. Jahrell Escalera-Troncoso (Carle Place, Sr.), 3-1

True 2nd Place Matches for State Tournamnent Qualification
116 - Devin Pellizzi (Cold Spring Harbor) pinned Kevin Becker (North Shore), 4:32
124 - Anthony Sampogna (Wheatley) dec. Victor Rosario (Clarke), 10-5
131 - Thomas Rutherford (Locust Valley) pinned William Grassini (Clarke), 3:37
138 - Justin Dvorak (Locust Valley) dec. Sebastian Barco (Clarke), 9-3
145 - Sebastian Mejia (Clark) pinned Danny Zamroz (Island Trees), 3:26

Michael A. Gomez Outstanding Wrestler:  Joseph Filocamo (Island Trees, 138)
Ted Petersen Champion of Champions:  Finnegan Obrien (Locust Valley, 124)
Tom Hennigan Most Pins Least Time:  Finnegan Obrien (Locust Valley, 124), 4 IN 2:40

Consolation Finals 3rd/4th
101 - Brendan Freund (North Shore, So.) dec. Sameer Mohan (Island Trees, Jr.), 6-0
108 - Brendan Fox (Seaford, Fr.) pinned Nick Troisi (Seaford, Fr.), 1:30
116 - Kevin Becker (North Shore, Sr.) pinned Ashley Diaz (Seaford, Sr.), 2:29
124 - Victor Rosario (Clarke, Fr.) dec. Luke Parise (Carle Place, So.), 4-2 SV
131 - Thomas Rutherford (Locust Valley, Sr.) dec. Braiden Houghtaling (Locust Valley, So.), 5-3 SV
138 - Justin Dvorak (Locust Valley, Sr.) pinned Brock Conway (Seaford, 8th), 2:34
145 - Danny Zamroz (Island Trees, Sr.) dec. Nicholas Barco (Clarke, Jr.), 4-2
152 - Aris Catehis (Wheatley, Sr.) pinned Jose Pacheco (Clarke, So.), 2:12
160 - Nicholas Filocamo (Island Trees, Sr.) pinned Carlos Guevara (Clarke, Sr.), 2:33
170 - Maximus Dyckman (Island Trees, So.) TF Callaway Treble (Oyster Bay, Sr.), 2:35 {16-0}
190 - Kenneth Aristondo (Island Trees, Sr.) pinned Bryan Guevara (Lawrence, Sr.), 3:21
215 - Anthony Arevalo (Clarke, Sr.) pinned Robert McNamara (Seaford, Jr.), 2:37
285 - Dylan Quinn (Seaford, Sr.) pinned Junior Roberts-Harris (Valley Stream South, So.), 1:38

Consolation Finals 5th/6th
101 - Alex Bahadur (Valley Stream South, 8th) dec. Jake Fairbairn (Cold Spring Harbor, 9th), 6-0
108 - Kevin Cusker IV (Island Trees, Jr.) dec. Michael DeRienzo (Island Trees, Fr.), 7-0
116 - John Mignanelli (Island Trees, So.) dec. Anthony Kuffo (Seaford, 8th), 3-2
124 - Saverio Consolazio (Locust Valley, Sr.) pinned Alexander Cruz (Evergreen Charter, Jr.), 4:49
131 - Eddie Wiesneski (Seaford, Jr.) maj dec. Tyler Kelly (Island Trees, So.), 17-9
138 - John Ficara (Cold Spring Harbor, So.) dec. Marcus Houghtaling (Locust Valley, Fr.), 6-5
145 - Danny Fuentes (Island Trees, Jr.) pinned Brendan Kenny (North Shore, Sr.), 2:26
152 - Ryan Roberts (Locust Valley, Jr.) def. Jesse Firestone (Locust Valley, Sr.), by Inj Dflt
160 - Grant Peelle (Cold Spring Harbor, Fr.) pinned Vincent Forrest (Wheatley, Sr.), 3:54
170 - Kieran Moynihan (North Shore, Sr.) pinned Logan Mok (Island Trees, Sr.), 4:12
190 - Ismael Ali-Barreto (Valley Stream South, Fr.) pinned Justin Powers (Carle Place, Fr.), 2:35
215 - Max Ortega (Carle Place, Jr.) dec. Fredy Lemus (Island Trees, Fr.), 5-1
285 - Angelo Cotroneo (Locust Valley, Sr.) pinned Imran Noorzi (Island Trees, So.), 2:17

101 - Colton Schmiesing (Oyster Bay) pinned Sameer Mohan (Island Trees), 1:36
         Joel Diaz (Seaford) pinned Brendan Freund (North Shore), 1:42
108 - Connor Murphy (Seaford) pinned Nick Troisi (Seaford), 1:19
         Dylan Mueller (Locust Valley) decision Brendan Fox (Seaford), 11-7
116 - Richard King (Clarke) pinned Kevin Becker (North Shore), 1:54
         Devin Pellizzi (Cold Spring Harbor) decision Anthony Kuffo (Seaford), 7-3
124 - Finnegan Obrien (Locust Valley) pinned Saverio Consolazio (Locust Valley), 0:18
         Anthony Sampogna (Wheatley) pinned Luke Parise (Carle Place), 3:51
131 - William Grassini (Clarke) pinned Tyler Kelly (Island Trees), 0:50
         Matteo Porres (North Shore) pinned Eddie Wiesneski (Seaford), 1:15
138 - Sebastian Barco (Clarke) pinned Brock Conway (Seaford), 0:33
         Joseph Filocamo (Island Trees) pinned Justin Dvorak (Locust Valley), 4:37
145 - Raymond McNulty (Cold Spring Harbor) pinned Danny Zamroz (Island Trees), 1:32
         Sebastian Mejia (Clarke) decision Nicholas Barco (Clarke), 6-1
152 - Justin Gonzalez (Clarke) pinned Aris Catehis (Wheatley), 2:33
         Louis Cannata (Seaford) pinned Jesse Firestone (Locust Valley), 4:59
160 - Robert Burns (Locust Valley) pinned Vincent Forrest (Wheatley), 1:17
         Aidan Smith (Cold Spring Harbor) decision Nicholas Filocamo (Island Trees), 5-4
170 - Ethan Eoanidis (Cold Spring Harbor) pinned Callaway Treble (Oyster Bay), 0:55
         Bryan Araujo (Clarke) decision Maximus Dyckman (Island Trees), 3-1
190 - Greyson Meak (Cold Spring Harbor) pinned Ismael Ali-Barreto (Valley Stream South), 1:29
         Marcus Rosario (Clarke) pinned Kenneth Aristondo (Island Trees), 1:05
215 - Charles Kelly (Locust Valley) pinned Anthony Arevalo (Clarke), 0:19
         Issac Bratter (North Shore) decision Robert McNamara (Seaford), 3-1
285 - Jahrell Escalera-Troncoso (Carle Place) pinned Dylan Quinn (Seaford), 1:32
         Daniel Haroon (Wheatley) pinned Angelo Cotroneo (Locust Valley), 3:00

101 - Colton Schmiesing (Oyster Bay) pinned Nick Beltrani (Seaford), 0:41
         Sameer Mohan (Island Trees) tech fall Jake Fairbairn (Cold Spring Harbor), 4:21 {15-0}
         Brendan Freund (North Shore) pinned James Panetta (Oyster Bay), 1:21
         Joel Diaz (Seaford) tech fall Logan Fraine (Carle Place), 2:00 {16-0}
108 - Connor Murphy (Seaford) pinned Patrick Cochran (Oyster Bay), 0:39
         Nick Troisi (Seaford) pinned Kevin Cusker IV (Island Trees), 2:30
         Brendan Fox (Seaford) pinned John Scalzo (North Shore), 3:42
         Dylan Mueller (Locust Valley) decision Michael DeRienzo (Island Trees), 9-2
116 - Richard King (Clarke) pinned Anthony Massimillo (Island Trees), 3:03
         Kevin Becker (North Shore) pinned Ashley Diaz (Seaford), 3:06
         Devin Pellizzi (Cold Spring Harbor) decision Yiannis Thomas (Seaford), 8-5
         Anthony Kuffo (Seaford) pinned John Mignanelli (Island Trees), 5:52
124 - Finnegan Obrien (Locust Valley) pinned Matthew Allen (Seaford), 0:42
         Saverio Consolazio (Locust Valley) pinned Lenin Guerrero (Island Trees), 2:43
         Luke Parise (Carle Place) pinned Victor Rosario (Clarke), 2:36
         Anthony Sampogna (Wheatley) pinned Jack Shotter (Seaford), 1:07
131 - William Grassini (Clarke) pinned Grant Creedon (Locust Valley), 1:36
         Tyler Kelly (Island Trees) pinned Braiden Houghtaling (Locust Valley), 2:24
         Eddie Wiesneski (Seaford) decision Thomas Rutherford (Locust Valley), 8-3
         Matteo Porres (North Shore) pinned Jaxon Addiego (Seaford), 1:01
138 - Sebastian Barco (Clarke) pinned John Ficara (Cold Spring Harbor), 1:47
         Brock Conway (Seaford) pinned Ray Scalzo (North Shore), 2:31
         Justin Dvorak (Locust Valley) pinned William Streater (Cold Spring Harbor), 1:06
         Joseph Filocamo (Island Trees) pinned Brandon Morris (Seaford), 0:27
145 - Raymond McNulty (Cold Spring Harbor) pinned Johnny Jahrmarkt (Clarke), 0:36
         Danny Zamroz (Island Trees) pinned Brendan Kenny (North Shore), 0:38
         Nicholas Barco (Clarke) pinned Neil Reichman (Wheatley), 1:59
         Sebastian Mejia (Clarke) pinned Danny Fuentes (Island Trees), 3:14
152 - Justin Gonzalez (Clarke) pinned Jagger Romano (Oyster Bay), 1:16
         Aris Catehis (Wheatley) pinned Christpher Barbera (Oyster Bay), 0:27
         Jesse Firestone (Locust Valley) major decision Ryan Roberts (Locust Valley), 18-5
         Louis Cannata (Seaford) pinned Lorenzo Sicat (Island Trees), 5:00
160 - Robert Burns (Locust Valley) pinned Eddie Browne (Island Trees), 1:02
         Vincent Forrest (Wheatley) decision Grant Peelle (Cold Spring Harbor), 12-10
         Nicholas Filocamo (Island Trees) pinned Elijah Jack (Valley Stream South), 0:50
         Aidan Smith (Cold Spring Harbor) pinned Nicholas Ardeljan (Locust Valley), 2:47
170 - Ethan Eoanidis (Cold Spring Harbor) pinned Logan Mok (Island Trees), 1:26
         Callaway Treble (Oyster Bay) pinned Ayden McNamara (Seaford), 1:24
         Maximus Dyckman (Island Trees) pinned Markus Bazelais (Island Trees), 3:45
         Bryan Araujo (Clarke) pinned Alex Vitale (Cold Spring Harbor), 5:58
190 - Greyson Meak (Cold Spring Harbor) pinned Ethan Shakhmurov (Wheatley), 0:55
         Ismael Ali-Barreto (Valley Stream South) pinned Anthony Caminos (Oyster Bay), 1:10
         Kenneth Aristondo (Island Trees) pinned Eliel Morales (Lawrence), 4:40
         Marcus Rosario (Clarke) pinned Eric Kaneev (Valley Stream South), 1:30
215 - Charles Kelly (Locust Valley) pinned Jonathan Saboni (Seaford), 0:45
         Anthony Arevalo (Clarke) pinned Fredy Lemus (Island Trees), 5:02
         Robert McNamara (Seaford) decision Max Ortega (Carle Place), 11-4
         Issac Bratter (North Shore) pinned Matthew Chalif (Locust Valley), 0:46
285 - Dylan Quinn (Seaford) pinned Junior Roberts-Harris (Valley Stream South), 5:23
         Jahrell Escalera-Troncoso (Carle Place) decision Tucker Stella (Cold Spring Harbor), 9-4
         Daniel Haroon (Wheatley) pinned Collin Wallace (Seaford), 1:01
         Angelo Cotroneo (Locust Valley) pinned Imran Noorzi (Island Trees), 1:40